About Us

Kelso Industries is building the nation’s preferred industrial and mechanical service partner.

Kelso Industries is a collection of market-leading companies and their leaders providing comprehensive HVAC, mechanical, refrigeration, and plumbing services. Kelso serves industrial, commercial, and institutional clients including Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest, most respected companies throughout the United States.

We partner with brands and businesses that have provided a long history of customer service and employee career development.

By joining our growing family of brands, your business will have new resources to grow and increase the level of service offerings. Kelso Industries focuses on ensuring the long-standing brand name and feel does not change but carries on in the entrepreneurial spirit and customer service that started with the business in the first place.

We look for ways to leverage the resources of a large company but still offer a local company feel and customer service. We leverage best practices across our companies but still offer individual leaders to do what is right for their customers and their markets.

Our people mean everything to us and in every partnership we focus on the employees and the team. We look for ways to help the team grow and the employees to expand their careers with exciting opportunities.

We know that by taking care of our growing team, we will be able to continue to take care of our current and future customers. Kelso Industries cares for our employees and customers above all else!


Steve Carroll, CEO

With his life-long friend and now business partner, Steve Carroll co-founded and launched Kelso Industries in 2021 with the goal to build the nation’s leading mechanical service partner. Steve leads Kelso which now has 12 different acquired business units and over 1,100 employees operating across the United States. Steve brings many years of leadership and industry experience to Kelso having previously worked as an executive at Walmart and Sam’s Club where he built two different business units to beyond $250 million in revenue. Steve gained a foundation of knowledge and skill in construction and services with C.W. Driver, Mortenson Construction, and Clyde Companies. It was on projects in Southern California where Steve gained a passion for the mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC trades. Kelso Industries was formed from this passion and Steve brings that passion to work everyday with his team and partners.

Greg Gernert, CFO

Greg joined Kelso Industries in 2022 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Greg has over 20 years of CFO experience managing manufacturing, engineering, industrial construction and fabrication businesses. His experience includes managing relationships with many constituents including private equity, individual investors, hedge funds, sub-debt, lessors and senior lenders. Greg has experience with companies from initial start-up to well established 80 year old companies. Company size ranges from $5 million to $210 million with many of these companies experiencing very rapid growth. Greg is an experienced finance and operations executive with significant experience in managing cash flow, reducing costs for organizations and offering a good balance between strategic thinker and tactical leader. Greg leads all the finance and administration elements of Kelso Industries and the businesses within the Kelso Industries family.

Seth Beitz, Operations Executive

Seth joined Kelso Industries in 2023 as Operations Executive. He drives key initiatives through Kelso and partner companies to support short term and long term goals. Seth has more than 10 years of experience in leadership, operations, and sales roles within the HVAC and mechanical industry. He brings key experience and skills in the best in class methods of building a national service platform to better support the many Kelso customers. Seth brings his passion, knowledge, and skill to help build Kelso into the nation’s preferred mechanical service partner.


Brandon “Poncho” Romero, President

Advanced Heating and Cooling, GRAZAK Mechanical, and Koch Mechanical

Along with the Advanced Heating and Cooling team and business, Poncho joined the Kelso Industries family in 2022. He brings more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing industries to Kelso. Poncho’s leadership will continue to grow and expand the Advanced Heating and Cooling, GRAZAK Mechanical, Koch Mechanical, and Kelso Industries brands throughout Idaho, Utah, Arizona, and the United States.

Adam Anderson, President

Koch Mechanical

Adam and the Koch Mechanical team joined the Kelso Industries family in 2023. Adam provider leadership and support to the Utah market as he guides and directs the Koch team as a market leader in the plumbing and pipefitting services provider. Koch has served the Utah market for many years and the team continues to provide dedicated plumbing and pipefitter services.

Tony Grano, President

Retrofit Technology

Tony and the Retrofit Technology team joined the Kelso Industries family in 2023. Tony founded Retrofit in 1989 and has been building a world class welding, pipefitting, large-scale and industrial HVAC equipment service team ever since. Tony leads the team as the Retrofit President within Kelso Industries.

Jordan Book, President

West Coast Automation Services

Jordan and the West Coast Automation Services (WCAS) team joined the Kelso Industries family in 2022. Jordan joined WCAS in 2019 and currently serves as the company President. He has helped the company grow at an exponential rate due to his focus on systems and processes. Jordan and the WCAS team provide industry leading building automation, controls, and electrical services throughout Arizona and nearby states.

Jeff Donnelly, President

Frey Lutz & Quality Heating & Air (QH&A)

Jeff and the Frey Lutz team joined the Kelso Industries family in 2022. Jeff has been a Frey Lutz team member since early in his career and has become a seasoned expert and leader in the plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC business. In 2023, Jeff also became the President of Quality Heating and Air (QH&A) based in Wilmington, Delaware. Jeff leads the team day to day as the Frey Lutz and QH&A President within Kelso Industries.

Cecil Allen, VP of Operations – Atlanta

DHR Mechanical Services

Cecil and the DHR Mechanical Services (DHR) team joined the Kelso Industries family in 2023. Cecil leads the Georgia, North Carolina, and nearby states division for DHR based in Kennesaw, Georgia for the Atlanta office as VP of Operations. Cecil has more than 30 years of refrigeration and leadership experience and provides key leadership to the ever growing market of Georgia and nearby states in the Southeast. Cecil has key experience working for national refrigeration brands such as Source Refrigeration, Hussman, and other industry leading brands.

Garrick Meitzner, VP of Operations – Tampa

DHR Mechanical Services

Garrick and the DHR Mechanical Services (DHR) team joined the Kelso Industries family in 2023. Garrick joined DHR in 2004 and currently serves as the company VP of Operations for the Tampa division. Garrick has more than 30 years of leadership, management, sales, and customer service experience in refrigeration, supermarkets, convenience stores, and cold storage all over Florida and the Southeastern United States.