Kelso Industries is looking for our next partner company. We invest in strong MEP+ businesses who offer HVAC, sheet metal, refrigeration, pipefitting, plumbing, controls, electrical, engineering, and energy services across the United States for both the commercial, industrial, and institutional markets.

We look for companies that care about their employees and have built a strong culture of performance and support while providing a solid, consistent customer experience.

By joining our growing family of brand, your business will have new resources to grow and increase the level of service offerings. Kelso Industries focuses on ensuring the long-standing brand name and brand feel does not change but carries on in the entrepreneurial spirit and customer service that started with the business in the first place.

No company is too small or large but we do have a preference for businesses that exceed 100 employees.


Employee Focus:
We know that the employees mean everything in our business and industry. We care for the employees post close and work everyday to provide a solid career and opportunity for each employee.

Legacy and Brand Preservation:
You’ve worked hard to build your company and you want the name to carry on which plays perfectly into our strategy. We want to keep you brand and your customer reputation in tact as we believe that is a huge part of the value of your company. In an ideal scenario for us post-close, the customers, vendors, and employees will carry on as though nothing significant had happened.

Tailored Exits:
Every business is different and we act as an entrepreneurial organization to provide a unique deal that works for owners needs and goals. We believe this sets us apart because we can be flexible in the deal dynamics and make for a win-win scenario for all parties.

Transaction Experts:
We have already done the due diligence to acquire the capital to close any deal, of any size. The process of buying HVAC and mechanical companies is what we do and we have already developed the legal and accounting processes to complete the transaction process smoothly and efficiently. We understand the work that goes into preparing the necessary capital and we are ready to go on closing day.

Business Acceleration:
We know the HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical business well but we still know we will always have something to learn. We bring together our teams and help to achieve business goals that would be difficult to do as an individual owner. We bring additional capital for future tuck-in acquisitions and growth. We have collective customer relationships and vendor buying power that allows for better profitability. We focus heavily on leadership development and feel this also sets us apart as we believe our team is everything and aggressive leaders have an opportunity to shine and build a career.

If this may be interesting to you, please feel free to fill out the below form.

Typically someone from the Kelso Industries leadership team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.